an assortment of family and local history of Centre Wellington, Ontario


My name is Jane Summers Robertson. I became interested in local history when we moved to this area in 1973. I was brought up in Northern Ontario and quickly became fascinated with the architecture in Elora. We moved out of the area for some time; but returned after 7 years. We live in the country south of Elora in a red brick Victorian house built in 1914.

Pursuing history as a constant hobby, I progressed from Elora to Pilkington Township. For the last ten years I have been taken up with the history of the Ennotville Library and Lower Nichol Township. I created a facebook page for the library that I have been posting to since 2018. I am also involved with the Wellington County Historical Society as an admin for their facebook page.

Creating this site is fulfilling a dream that I can publish some of the massive information that I have collected over the years. History is like that – there is often no outlet to share our stories and publication can be expensive and difficult for the average achiever. Hope you enjoy my history Blog and perhaps learn some things about the past through me.

My site, as the title goes, will centre on family histories and historical buildings.

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